why be selective? selective? when ya must get fucked? fucked? why selective! selective! fucked! fucked! how many trysts will time caress? how many loves, how many nests? still I never would have guessed the warmth in her caress, caress. sss i can take you to your home, or i can take you to mine; you could take me to yours, or you could take me to my home. sss Upon the rainy shore I stood and wept. The waves around my ankles crept. Into the sand I sunk. sss preoccupied by death. a split tick sticks to the dent in the bottom of a pabst can. sss on the street a chalk outline, a perimeter, surrounds a moist clot of blood on the street a chalk outline. sss “just rocks.” she poured the scotch. sensed he: nectar chilled. his adrenaline flowed from her smile. his groin churned, skin pulsed. “tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night, tonight there will be no morning sun.” sss we like to stay high. we even thrive on depression. we squeeze every drop from every moment of life. we smoke roaches to our finger. is there no time for rest? we even peruse our dreams. sss A generous lady with an abundance of give kissed her glaring cross (a gesture of thanks) and put it back in her pocket. A young man, stripped near to the bone, hangs in effigy, from his hands to his feet trickling blood from wounds that won’t congeal. A Cardinal before gilded altar raises a golden cup, he toasts the brave endurant, but leaves him ever up. Come down, come down, our Jesus friend, come walk among us here. It’s time we let those old wounds mend, all life is all so dear.

Copyright James Phoenix 2017

updated 5/7/2017