Maori Look




he looked with recognition

into my eyes

to say he saw me

and wondered if

I saw him.


I did there

deep in the soul

of his eyes;

a moment passed

between us:


a moment in eternity

where we live


on the surface

of a planet

spinning on its axis

rolling around a star

on the edge of a galaxy

spiraling through

a universe

turning back into itself.




southern islands

stretch north and south,

relatively innocent

until occupied by his people,

then mine; both peoples

at war with themselves, each other,

others and nature:


a confluence of energies

like galaxies crossing,

novas bursting,

stellar gases coagulating,

or earth quaking,

a cyclone spinning,

magma spurting

and water rising.





we stood on a moment in eternity

seeing our souls reflected

on the backs of each others’ eyes.




Copyright James Phoenix 2017

updated 5/7/2017