I drop my personal baggage

and kick off my political shoes;

I doff my scholar's cap,

slip out of my idiosyncratic shoes

and shed my sexual robes

to swim in the spring of peace.








the world of full of the divine

and would be empty without it.

it is not only that which holds

the parts of atoms together

but also the parts.


things are not what they seem,

they are constructions of the divine,

without exception.


there are not boundaries between this and that,

between divine and divine is divine.


compassion is that state of mind,

which recognizes the divine.






Top of Patmos


was that Patmos

the ferry pulled into

at midnight?


was that a full moon,

and did the soft, warm wind

blow from the south?


was that a priest

that disembarked?


was that a monastery

at the top of the mountain?


it did seem a heavenly place,

perfect for human habitation.


was I ticketed for Mikonos?







one soul


self found in dark woods middle

not in fear of mystery or creatures

blocking the path out the valley,

but in awe of deep nature, deep,

disturbed, surrounding;

one soul seeks.


not alone but one of all

in the middle of history's path, midway from

eternity to eternity, at the bottom of the cycle,

a longtime coming to natural disaster,

a longtime to go if spirits are revived

and minds reined in.


the cycle was broken, the circle straightened:

minds created separation, built partition,

destroyed natural unity, left

humanity alone to fend for itself

against the rest, elevated the human mind

to false plateau, opened the way to loss

of faith, began the struggle to eliminate

what seemed bad, to make a perfect world:

one-sided, trapped in the mind.


has mankind destroyed the world

from which it rose?

are the ships burned?

do we stand on abyss?


all souls


there is no time.  there is eternity.

here fear is lost, here the mind pales.

the spirit thrives.  here answers

are given, although thoughts subside.

here pleasure is a lack of sensation,

peace is the selfless glow of life.

only a taste of eternity will save our souls

from the present. mankind is wasting

earth's resources, and is on a course

of material indulgence leading to an ignoble end.


we put the organic remains of millennia

into the air, and the inorganic

poison of industry on land and in seas.

we recreate our only home in our own image,

​an incomplete image of minds

gone asunder, thoughts run rampant, hopes

and wishes spent fruitlessly on throwaway

things. we spend what we do not own,

and lose what chance

we have to keep our world.


only as individual souls can we experience bliss.

create peace. turn from the material world

to the spirit that resides in each of us.


only as souls together can we restore

life on earth to health. we start with our homes,

our neighborhoods, communities, move on to our regions,

​whole continents and the entire globe.

together we can sacrifice the unneeded for the necessary,

forgive the past for the future and

​learn to love all souls the same.


Copyright James Phoenix 2017

updated 5/7/2017