Poetry by James Phoenix
Early Morning Moon
emmoon 210407 b

Early Morning Moon

the sliver of a crescent
waning with the old month
points east to the new day
rising with miracle
the water planet
the delicate biosphere
this globe of life
isolated in space
rare and sublime
united in the universe's web
a net of creation
set to metamorphose
into maturity
a live entity
spinning in its niche
of solar array
among stellar neighbors
forces of light
still consciousness

Early Morning Moon

Welcome to the Online Collection of My Poetry

I have named the site after a recent poem in which I tried to capture the unique miracle that is our earth; how precious the planet and how important the opportunity that we mature as a species in order to preserve our habitat.

The Toll of War

I recently read Ron Chernow’s biography of Grant. The aftermath of the battle of Shiloh reminded me of my poem, "collect their souls," a requiem for the fallen. Click below.