was it the american dream?


was it the american dream to leave

the old world, to leave it behind,

to escape the trappings of old,

old kingdoms, old churches, old ideas

and ways and conditioning, old habits,

old manners, old customs, old, old world?


was it the american dream to build

a new world, to create a fresh start,

to establish democracy, freedom of religion,

tolerance of ideas, to give rebirth

to the human spirit, breathe new life

into customs, manners, and habits,

to recognize the genuine worth of every,

every individual?


or was the american dream to recreate,

reestablish the old kingdom in miniature,

for each man to build his own castle,

to hold sovereign his own plot of land,

to defend it with right to bear arms,

to populate it with his own court,

to establish his own dynasty no matter

how small, no matter how lonely.


or is the american dream to open

our hearts to all people, to ask,

to entreaty, to demand all people

to take part, to unify all people,

to accept all people under one roof

as equals, not in material wealth,

not in ability or capacity, not equal

on the outside, but equal on the inside,

equal in human worth, as spiritual beings,

equal as citizens of one community

of many communities, all as necessary parts

of the whole, all as equal brothers and sisters,

each and all with individual and unified voices

and unique and coordinated roles to play.