fruit of union

an unseen mesh holds us together.

of this we are aware at various times to varying degrees.

when we are: our hearts open:


mothers nursing babies; fathers lifting children;

lovers in arms; mentors with protégés;

teammates on the field; citizens proactive;

peacemakers taking on others’ suffering;

nurses on the ward; cooks prepping;

novelists noveling; scientists observing;

astronauts and cosmonauts in orbit;

children playing; musicians and instruments;

actors and audiences; readers and authors;

intellectuals in study; gardeners reaping;

teachers and students; divers over a reef;

connoisseurs musing; artists before canvas palettes in hand;

birdwatchers in the blind; mountain climbers at the peak;

poets wordsmithing; skydivers in free fall;

sages being; grandparents spoiling;

meditators sitting.


on that unseen mesh (like the hands of god)

beyond molecules and physics

within the fabric of nature

on the platform of life

at the intersection of souls

love-sparks fly.


love is the fruit of union