The Practice of Folding Blankets

for the mind settled
by hours of meditation,
the wraps of warmth
maybe neatly deposed
in anticipation of
the next sitting.


Early Morning Moon
Early Morning Moon
National Memorial Chorten, Thimphu, Bhutan

The Prayer Wheel

om mani padme hum (the jewel in the lotus of the heart)

a mnemonic device to remind me:

hidden in each heart is
the seat of the divine,
the neuro-center of humanity and wisdom
which calls me to use my mind and live in my heart.

when my mind slows down,
the heart's voice can be heard.
when I hear my own heart
I can hear the hearts of others.
when I hear the hearts of others,
I touch their divine.

tacked onto the wall next to the door from the garage into the laundry room
is a Bhutanese prayer wheel. when I remember, as I cross the threshold,
I spin it clockwise, just as the elders of Thimphu circumnavigate
the National Memorial Chorten daily for hours.

screwed onto the wall just inside my meditation room is a panel
with three prayer wheels from Tibet. I spin them
when I enter and when I leave the room
when I remember.


Flying Into the Eye of the Asian Hurricane

deep in central Bhutanese foothills in a broad glacial valley
along with creek flow through open bottomland
sacred black-necked cranes
complete fall pilgrimage from Tibetan plateau –
they touchdown with wings extended and a swoop and a yaw

from our p-o-v at the visitor center along the tree line
they land in plain if distant sight (aided by telescopes);
their choice of landing spot is open and clear
that they may spy lurking predators

this cloistered land nestled between the peaks of the Himalayan Range
and the plains of the Brahmaputra River;
this epicenter of Asia, surrounded by behemoths in a cycle of billions:
cacophonies of busyness and survival in megalopolises and villages,
on plains, plateaus, deltas, mountains; in forests, deserts, valleys, riverbeds,
with landing strips, railroad tracks, roads paved and not,
that criss and cross, mount and slide, lead and follow

this unconquered land, nearly inaccessible so free from invasion,
beyond Aryan, Greek, Moghul, and Sino thrust:
the force of empire nudged by greed but unable or unwilling
to penetrate this terrain protected by geography

these high-elevation flyers from high plateaus
must struggle between the highest peaks
to the cultivated Phobjikha Valley for a more temperate winter
and the barley harvest, evolving dependency on adoring humans

who at Gangtey Monastery above the north end of the valley
celebrate their arrival at the annual festival
drawing folks and visitors from near and very far
in devotion and curiosity and hopes and prayers
that their cranes and their southern habitat
maybe preserved in the climate of our century,
from natural predators on the ground
and the global predation of civilization

they suit each other:
mystical creatures and humans
in natural harmony
in the eye of the Asian hurricane.


Early Morning Moon
Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan
Early Morning Moon

A Simple Petition


still my mind,

fill my heart,

guide me,

yoke me to you,

heal the earth

and all our creatures.


Tree Yoga

For Trinity

wind asana:
so that
sap pulses
bark groans
trunks sway
roots dig and
branches bob
limbs waggle
leaves wiggle

the air in motion,
agent of prana,
natural teacher,
nudges trees
into healthy growth

vital coach,
vessel of experience,
an exemplar of practice,
mirror of the best self
in the present moment

the student,
wisdom itself,
abode of reality,
in turn returns
the favor

trees don't practice
on their own:
the teacher
is vital

breeze asana
gale asana
cyclone asana


Early Morning Moon